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Veterinary Technician Sara with DogSara came to Stratford Hills Veterinary Center after having worked at companion animal practices and animal shelters for about five years in northern Virginia. She graduated from NOVA's veterinary technician program. The veterinary license reflects the education and experience that Sara has in the field, and enables her to provide for our patients as completely as possible.

Sara was born in Honduras, but grew up in Arlington, VA where she spent most of her life. Sara and her husband both decided to move to Richmond, VA to seek better opportunity. They both own a house together in Richmond, where they are raising their two kids, dog and cats.

Sara's favorite activities outside of the hospital include taking vacations, enjoying outdoor activities, arts and crafts, as well as hanging out with friends and family. She also has her own pet business called SoLo Paws. Her business provides pet sitting, dog walking, grooming and training. She dreams of one day making SoLo Paws a business that helps rescue animals who need a second chance at life.